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Why do you binge the first two days of HCG?

The HCG diet has 3 phases, each of them are extremely important to the effectiveness of the plan.
 If an individual fails to follow the guidelines given for any of these phases, their results may
 be less then satisfactory. An important part of the plan is what is referred to as ‘loading days,
 which there are two.
Loading on the hCG diet is done for a couple of reasons. It helps prepare the body for what is ahead.
It also provides the body with enough calories so that the dieter isn’t extremely hungry when they
are only allowed to consume 500 calories a day. Loading also has a psychological benefit. It gives
 the dieter the opportunity for one last hurrah or pig out before they have to begin restricting calories.

Loading days help to replenish structural fat stores that may have been loss through previous dieting
During this brief period (2 days), individuals will need to eat foods that are high in fat content.
These foods can be whatever he or she wants. It is important to “eat to capacity,” basically until
an individual can’t eat anymore. If a person fails to, they may find themselves extremely hungry during
 the restrictive phase of the plan.
Loading also helps the hCG to attack the stored fat in ones body. This portion of the diet is extremely
 important and individuals must not approach it in a half-hearted way or they will suffer the consequences
Some individuals during loading days will eat every two hours. This seems to work well. Again, the
emphasis is on fats but foods with lots of starches and even sugar are welcome as well. Anything is
fair game. For those who have no idea where to begin, here are some good choices, macaroni and cheese,
 cookies, fried chicken, pizza, hamburgers, chocolate, pork and the like. Go ahead and eat like there
is no tomorrow because this part of the diet is temporary and only for a short amount of time.
The HCG diet is one that has proven to be very effective for many people. When done correctly, dieters
have been able to lose between 1 and 2 pounds a day. This is a substantial amount of weight lost and
extremely quickly. Those individuals with a lot of weight to lose may want to consider the hCG diet,
especially if they are looking to get rid of those extra pounds fast.  In the span of one month,
a person might find themselves 30-60 pounds slimmer.

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  1. I went to a clinic for my hcg diet, I am doing the under the tongue dissolving tablet along with b12 drops... Im 140 pounds and I just want to lose 15. During my binging day I didn't exact binge correctly, I got full very fast and couldnt "pig out" and body just didn't crave or want good during the binging days... So I am now on my 8th day of the diet, and I have been extremely hungry every day every minute, my question is.... Is the hcg working? I been losing weight, but with the starvation it's obvious that I would! I am scared my body is on survival mode and not allowing the hcg to feed on my body fat! What do I do? Continue the diet? My doctor gave me appetite suppressant but I just want to make sure that the hcg is indeed working, or do I have to restart the entire thing and binge correctly!